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Online Bill Pay

No Postage? No Time? No Problem!!!

In this fast paced world, Telepage strives to save you Time and Money by Eliminating the need for stamps and relieving you from the hassle of check writing. Our FREE Online Payment system will secure your payment promptly.

Select Online Payment to initiate a One Time Secure Payment Process.

Questions about your invoice? Click for a tour!

Select Auto Charge to sign up for our Convenient Auto Pay Program, Telepage will automatically bill your credit card for your monthly service. At your request, we will even send you a copy of your invoice and recept.

Coming soon you will be able to sign up to get your statement electronically! Click here to be notifed of this feature when it is available.

This Secure SSL 3.0, RC4 encrypted connection has been interfaced to our server to process your payment. You can verify the authenticity of this connection by clicking on the Secure logo below.  For your security - no credit card numbers are saved on this system.


Need to change your address? Please send us your new information today. Please provide your Customer Number, Pager Number, Name, and Old and New Addresses. Thanks!

one-time payment

Please charge my current invoice -

Invoice Total
Invoice Date   
Your card will be billed immediately.

You will be billed the last business day of the month.

If you choose auto CHARGE but are currently being billed quarterly you may want to change your billing cycle to monthly for easier record keeping. You'll still receive the low quarterly you'll save postage and time!

Change my billing to monthly
Charge my account the month it is due


*Customer Account Number 
*Account Name 
Pager Number  {If more than one, list 1st on bill}
Phone Number 
 *E-mail account 
 *Please charge the following credit or debit card -
  Visa         MasterCard American Express Discover
 *Card Number 
 *Expiration Date 
 *Cardholder's Name 
  *Social Security number 
   {Last 4 numbers only} 
*Security code  What's this?
Notes or Comments 
 *Required information  


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